Send and Receive Money

Login to your account and click on “Send Money Now”. Select or add a beneficiary and enter the amount you would like to send. Select or add your payment method and finally review and confirm your transaction.

As a Silver customer you can send up to $1999 daily, as a Gold Customer you can send up to $2,999 daily. Please contact Customer Service if you would like to check your eligibility for a level increase.

Yes, signing up will allow you to have more control of your transactions to make the process faster. All of the information saved in your profile is always safe and protected.

No, signing up with Remesas Bantrab is completely free.

Remesas Bantrab will use its best efforts to ensure the timely processing of transactions. However, to a great degree, the service depends on factors outside of our control that might delay a transaction. Such factors may include: additional information required by Elektra Envios or recipient bank for your security, verification of your bank account, paying network processing hours, branch location hours/delivery hours, holidays, errors in recipient details, among others.

There are two ways: in cash, through our paying agents or credit to your beneficiary’s bank account.

Log in into your Remesas Bantrab account and click on Send Money>Transactions to check the status of your transaction. Also, when adding your beneficiary, you have the option to send and SMS to your beneficiary to notify him when the money is available for collection.

You can send money using your bank account or you can send money via credit or debit card.

Depending on the destination country, your beneficiary must present the transaction number and a valid official photo identification such as a driver’s license, passport, visa, etc.

Transaction History and Track Transaction

To check your transaction history, log in into your uLink account and click on Send Money and then click on Transactions. Search by transaction number or by date and then click on the transaction to view the details.

Security and Privacy

At Remesas Bantrab we are committed to process your transaction securely and keep your personal and financial information safe. We use encryption system and we also use security measures such as Identification Code that help protect your information. Our system is also monitored and verified by Verisign.

Remesas Bantrab is committed to protecting your security and privacy. To learn more about our Privacy Policy. Click here.
You can read our User Agreement by clicking here. Click here.

Account Management

Click on the “Sign Up” button located in the home page. Fill out the information requested. Once you confirm your details and click on “Finish”, a verification e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address with a link to activate your Remesas Bantrab account.

Log in into your Remesas Bantrab account, click on “My Account” menu and then click on “Edit Profile”. Please note that there is some information that cannot be edited and you must call Customer Service to change it.

To close your account, you need to call customer service or send us an email.

Log in into your Remesas Bantrab account, click on “Settings” menu and then click on “Change Password” and follow the instructions.

If you do not remember your password, please call Customer Service to request help.

Log in into your Remesas Bantrab account, open the menu and click on “Settings” then click on “Manage Payment Options”.

Click on Add New Credit/Debit Card and fill out the information requested.

Log in into your Remesas Bantrab account, open the menu and click on “Settings” then click on “Manage Payment Options”.

Click on Add New Bank Account and fill out the information requested.

Log in into your Remesas Bantrab account, open the menu and click on “Contacts” then click on “Add contact” and fill out the information requested. 

When adding your bank account for the first time, we ask you to verify your account before making a transaction. There are two ways to do this: you can click on Verify Bank Account quick link available on your Dashboard, or you can do it from Sending methods section. Enter the two amounts sent to your Remesas Bantrab account to verify your bank account.

Cancellations and Refunds

You can cancel a transaction any time before it is paid to your beneficiary and without any fee. You can cancel a transaction directly from the “Transaction History” section or by clicking on the cancel icon shown in the recent transactions table of your dashboard. You can only cancel a transaction if it is in PAYABLE status and if it was done the same day of the cancellation; otherwise you will need to contact Customer Service to request the cancellation.

There are two reasons why your cancellation may be denied: either your transaction has already been paid or some type of hold was placed on it. Call customer service to get more details.

If the transaction has not been paid, you can replace your transaction for a new transaction or you can request a cancellation to create a new transaction.

If you send a money transfer to a designated beneficiary and later request that we stop the payment of this transaction, first we will check with the paying agent to determine whether or not the money transfer has already been paid to the beneficiary. If we can confirm that payment has not been made, the money transfer will be cancelled and we will issue a refund the amount of the money transfer, including the service charge. Your refund will be in USD.

Please refer to our User Agreement for specific state regulations.

Fees and Exchange Rate

On Remesas Bantrab we charge $0 to send money.

Exchange rates are based on world currency markets, which change often. Foreign exchange rates listed in newspapers or elsewhere are usually wholesale or inter-bank rates that are not available for individuals.

The beneficiary will receive local currency, Quetzales.

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