Money Transfer Companies

UniTeller is one of the market leaders in offering remittance processing services to more than 100 Remittance Companies, Banks and International Payers. We are a subsidiary of Grupo Financiero Banorte, one of the largest financial groups in Mexico and Latin America.

What we Offer

  • A paying network in 29 countries with more than 100,000 paying locations.
  • Aggregation of services to the main payers in Latin America including banks such as Banorte, Banco Atlántida, Banco de Occidente, Banco G&T, Bancolombia, Davivienda, Banco de Crédito del Perú, Interbank, and also retail companies such as Walmart, Farmacias Guadalajara, Caja Popular Mexicana, and more.
  • Processing services to the most competitive paying networks in the Philippines (paying network of banks and pawnshops with more than 6,000 paying locations) and Vietnam (main banks and delivery companies)
  • Aggregation and processing money transfers services with a transparent and flexible business model.
  • Processing and White Label capabilities for traditional and digital channels.
  • The best compliance program in the industry.
  • A proprietary flexible technological platform.
  • Real time integration with business partners.
  • Full detailed online reports.

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