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UniTeller is able to process money transfers in more than 40 states in the United States. If you are already part of our selling agent team, this section gives you access to our application to create and process money transfers. Here you can also find information about other services we have available for you.

UniTeller has a great paying network across Mexico, Latin America, and Asia.


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Services to Agents

International Money Transfers 

UniTeller is licensed to make Money transfers in more than 40 states in the United States. We have a wide payment network in Mexico, Latin America, and Asia with more than 110,000 paying locations


UniTeller offers a prepaid phone recharging service, where you can refill your phone credit. There are two types of top-ups: National and International.
These are some of the carriers that we work with:
h20 unlimited
virgin mobile
simple mobile
verizon wireless
t mobile

Pinless International Calls

This service is ideal for people who would like to make international calls at competitive costs and without having to enter a PIN.
1 Clic Max
This is a convenient and affordable international pin-less calling service. 1Clic MAX provides you with a local number to replace the international number, allowing you to call internationally at a competitive cost.
Additionally, 1 Clic MAX offers Conecta2, a service that allows your family members to call the United States at no cost.
Contact us to learn more about this service and its benefits.