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UniTeller is an authorized and licensed Money Transmitting Company founded in 1994 and headquartered in Austin, TX. UniTeller has grown to become one of the most important Money Remittances companies. UniTeller is part of Banorte USA, a US Bank Holding Company subsidiary of Mexico’s Grupo Financiero Banorte, one of the largest Financial Groups in Latin America. UniTeller has a vast Selling Agent Network across the United States (in 41 States) and an extensive paying network throughout Mexico, Latin America and Asia.

  • Earn additional income from every money transfer completed.
  • Attract new customers by offering our services.
  • We provide the equipment, you will only need to complete the money transfers.
  • We provide you and your team with all of the support and training you need.

No, UniTeller provides the equipment, training and set up at no cost to you. We will install the equipment and train you and your team so you will be ready to begin completing money transfers.

No, the UniTeller POS Terminal System and the Internet Web Interface make the process of sending a remittance very fast and simple. A remittance can be done in less than 30 seconds!

If you prefer to have a simple telephone/fax platform, remittances can still be processed in less than 3 minutes.

As long as you properly manage the cash given by your future remittance customers, the UniTeller Money Remittance Experience should be a very positive one. By integrating UniTeller into your business you do not take time or extra space away from your existing business. On the contrary, you will increase your earnings and attract new customers that will purchase the other products you offer.

UniTeller is a widely known company that is well recognized by our customers and agents. Partnering with UniTeller will allow your business to offer a secure, fast, and high-quality service.

By choosing UniTeller, you will obtain the following additional benefits:

  • Equipment installation at NO COST.
  • Training and Support for you and your team.
  • Customer Service available 7 days a week.
  • Quick transaction times.
  • Promotional and marketing materials.
We provide marketing materials to your business, such as posters, pamphlets, danglers, and promotional giveaway items. We also market ourselves in the media, especially in Mexico and in select local markets across the United States.
  • Your customers enjoy a secure and fast service when sending money with UniTeller.
  • Your customers can rely on a broad network of paying agents located in strategic points so the beneficiary can definitely find one close to his work or home.
  • Money sent can be collected easily and in just minutes.
  • Your customers will enjoy special promotions that are very attractive and beneficial to their families in their home countries.
UniTeller offers a commission-based earning plan that is very competitive in comparison to other money transfer companies. With our commissions you will receive generous earnings, and our prices make our offer more attractive to the customer.

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