uLink Business

Linking your Business to the World.

Your Business to Business Payments Solution is


The new and fast way to make your International Business Payments.

Reduce costs for your International Business Payments with a low fee and a competitive exchange rate.

Use uLink Business to

Pay Invoices and Suppliers

Pay International Service Providers

Buy Inventory

Process International Payroll

WHY uLink Business

Reduce your costs for International Business Payments with a competitive exchange rate and a low fee of just $4.99.

Avoid International Fees

Your recipient will not be charged an additional fee by UniTeller in order to receive payments.

Easy to use

Process your transfers online with ease.

Fast and Secure

Your payments are processed within 1-2 business days depending on the destination country.

Competitive Exchange Rates

Special exchange rate offer available to your business provided we receive your funds within 24 hours.