Launch of UniTeller’s Both Sides of the Story – The Sender’s Story report

UniTeller published a new report which highlights the reliance of low-income families in Asia on remittances and reveals that senders of remittances are willing to continue making sacrifices to support their families back home. 

The report, titled Both Sides of the Coin: The Senders’ Story, is the second instalment of UniTeller’s research into the behaviors and attitudes of senders and receivers of remittances from low-income families across Asia. 

Both Sides of the Story – The Senders’ Story full report can be downloaded here

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UniTeller signs deal with Paykii

In January 2020, UniTeller signed an agreement with Paykii Inc., a leading international bill payment provider.  

The partnership will enable UniTeller and its digital uLink ( customers to pay for electricity, phone, internet, cable, water, and gas bills in Mexico and the Philippines. 

“We are committed to placing our customers at the center of what we do, addressing their needs through our service and product offerings. With this new international bill pay service, it will be easier for our customers to pay for the expenses of their loved ones back home,” said UniTeller CEO, Alberto Guerra. 

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Launch of UniTeller’s inaugural report in the Philippines

In tandem with the launch of UniTeller’s inaugural report Both Sides of the Coin: The Receivers’ Story, a press briefing was held at UniTeller’s Philippines office.  

Nine key business media were present at the press briefing including top-tier local and regional publications such as BusinessWorld, BusinessMirror, GMA News Online, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Nikkei Asian Review and Bloomberg.  

Alberto Guerra, CEO, and Noel Fernando Cristal, President and Country Director of UniTeller Philippines, shared and discussed key report findings and the behaviors and attitudes of remittances receivers in Asia.  

Following the presentation, both Alberto and Noel were interviewed by two major television networks in Philippines, ABS-CBN News Channel and PTV News where they highlighted the significant role that remittance providers play in digitalising international money transfers and increasing financial inclusion for these remittance receivers.  

Over 40 stories were published across prominent local and regional publications, raising UniTeller’s profile and highlighting its thought leadership in the area of remittances and payments in Asia. 

Both Sides of the Story – The Receiver’s Story full report can be downloaded here 

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But where’s the cash? 

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Low-income households benefit enormously from remittances: study 

Low-income households benefit enormously from remittances: study 

Monthly Remittances Exceed Earnings of Low-Income Vietnamese Households by 10 Times 

Filipino households spend 7% of earnings on luxury items 

Relatively high’ portion of OFW remittances spent on luxury items — report 

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Translated: Increasing dependence on remittances amongst Filipino remittance receivers

US-based int’l payments provider eyes partnerships with PH telco, banks 

‘Relatively high’ portion of OFW remittances spent on luxury items — report 

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Monthly Remittances Exceed Earnings Of Low-Income Filipino Households By 2.5 Times 

Monthly remittances to India thrice the earnings of low-income households in the country: Report 

Bisnis Remitansi Alternatif Pundi-Pundi Pendapatan Bank 
Translated: The prospect of a remittance business to prop up the banking industry’s non-interest income looks bright.

Reliance on remittances in India, Philippines growing: study 

Survey: Receivers of overseas remittance in PH prefer ‘semi-digital’ method 

Reliance on OFW remittances grows 

Bridging social gaps

CEO, Alberto Guerra shares his views with The Business Times Singapore on how the digitalization of the cross-border payments industry has led to increased financial inclusion and access for low-income communities in the world.   

“The digitalization of the cross-border payments industry has enabled major breakthroughs in the convenience and reach of financial services. As business leaders, we should conduct business with sustainable development as a priority even as the industry continues to evolve. With a significant population of the developing world that is still largely ”unbanked”, the responsibility is on us to champion innovative solutions that improve financial inclusion and access. By ensuring that consumers can fully harness the benefits of these technologies, we can then help to bridge inequality and build a better economic future for many of the world’s communities. 

You can find his commentary here

Money transfers, remittances made digital

CEO, Alberto Guerra shares his views with Philippine Daily Inquirer on why the continuous digitalization and innovation of remittances is key to driving more sustainable developments globally.  

By ensuring that consumers can fully leverage the services provided by money transfer companies, and improving financial education around the technologies available in this growing industry, those in the forefront of digitalizing remittances can help to bridge worlds and build a better and brighter economic future for all. 

You can read his full article here 

Influence: Alberto Guerra, CEO, UniTeller Financial Services

CEO, Alberto Guerra had an opportunity to speak with Money 89.3 FM (Singapore’s personal finance and business radio station) on why Asia is an important remittance services market for UniTeller.  

You can listen to his full interview here

Grand Opening of UniTeller’s new Head Office

On Wednesday, October 10th, UniTeller held an official ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the opening of its new office located in Austin, TX. Executives from Grupo Financiero Banorte, and UniTeller attended the grand opening event, including Mr. Armando Rodal, Managing Director of Wholesale Banking at Grupo Financiero Banorte, Mr. Ricardo Velazquez, Director of International Banking at Banorte, and Alberto Guerra, CEO of UniTeller Financial Services. The celebration included a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by a toast, and hors d’oeuvres.

UniTeller at Money 20/20 USA

Executives from UniTeller were proud to participate at Money20/20 USA, one of the most important payments, commerce, and financial services events.

“As the pace of change continues to increase and the number of new technologies continue to grow, it is even more imperative for us to embrace agility and continue to expand our diverse network. We were excited to network with visionaries and leaders from every facet of the Fintech and Financial services industry, seize new business opportunities, and gain strategic insights.” said Alberto Guerra, CEO of UniTeller.

The event featured critical developments shaping the future of money, speakers covering the must-know topics with applicable case-studies, and deep dive workshops on emerging technologies.

FinTech Marketing Kick Off

On January 23rd, Fintech Marketing Austin kicked off its first meetup hosted at WeWork in Downtown Austin, and UniTeller was honored to be a part of it! It was an excellent opportunity that allowed fellow fintech enthusiasts and marketers to come together to get acquainted, learn, share opportunities, and build new relationships. We look forward to being a part of more such meetups in the near future and applying the insights and learnings to positively impact the remittance industry.

UniTeller Launches uLink

On October 13, 2016, UniTeller announced the launch of its new platform for online money transfers: uLink.

“At UniTeller it is very important to stay on top of the latest innovations and market trends, which is why we developed a redesigned platform with the latest technologies and enhanced processes for online money transfers” said Alberto Guerra, CEO of UniTeller Financial Services.

Among the main features that uLink offers are:

  • A friendlier, simpler, and faster interface for online money transfers
  • Responsive technology that adapts to any device
  • A redesigned mobile app with newly added functionality like in-app sign up, touch id, card scan, and more.
  • A currency calculator that can convert the amount in dollars to local currency and vice versa.
  • A more personalized experience

“We truly believe that the future of money transfers is going digital. We keep working on new developments and solutions, and our main goal is to become a key player in the digital remittances business.” said Fernando Gutierrez, Head of Product and Digital Business Department at UniTeller.