Receive money at any of our over 30,000 paying agents

UniTeller provides different options for your beneficiary to receive the Money in his/her home country. In this section you can find information of the different methods through which your beneficiary can receive his/her money and the benefits we have to offer.

Reception Methods

Cash Pick Up

Your beneficiary can collect the money through any of our paying agents. We have more than 30,000 paying agents including banks, financial services companies, and retail stores.

To view our full listing refer to our Paying Network.Credit to Bank Account

We can transfer your money to bank accounts in Mexico, Latin America, and Asia in real time and at a very competitive fee. Depending on the country and the time sent, the money can be available in your beneficiary’s bank account in minutes.

Beneficiaries in Mexico

The Banorte Enlace Express Card is the simplest way to collect your money transfers to Mexico providing excellent benefits:

  • Your money arrives in a few minutes directly to the beneficiary account without the need to make lines to collect the money.

  • Ability to make withdrawals in more than 6,800 Banorte ATMs and worldwide acceptance in commercial establishments affiliated to VISA.

  • Expense control, easy cash management, and money saving when checking balances and transactions in Banorte via Internet or Banortel.

  • No cost: no opening or account management fee.

The card opening process is very fast and you can get it in any of the more than 1,100 Banorte branches in México.

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