| Fostering Long-Term Partnerships in Local Markets

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Fostering Long-Term Partnerships in Local Markets

Alberto Guerra

CEO, UniTeller

As an industry leader, UniTeller must work closely with money transfer operators, banks, fintechs, international payers, and retailers to move closer towards the goal of making financial services accessible to everyone.

Fostering close relationships with key local partners helps us identify specific local customers’ friction points and enables industry players like us to only further strengthen our remittance capabilities.

Recently, we announced our partnership with Security Bank, one of the leading universal banks in the Philippines. With the Philippines being such a major remittance-receiving market, partnering with key market players such as Security Bank enables UniTeller to bring cutting-edge payment solutions along with best-in-class security and compliance to even more customers.

The addition of Security Bank as a payer of UniTeller also increases the accessibility of digital payment channels for users, eliminating traditional pain points experienced by remittance customers in the past, such as travel time and in-person transactions at remittance agent locations.

Through UniTeller’s Turnkey White Label and API solutions and integrations, our partners are able to provide digital cross-border payments across the globe. As a company, we will continue to innovate and deliver best-in-class cross-border payment processing services worldwide.