| Launch of UniTeller’s New Payment Service to Brazil

Launch of New Payment Service to Brazil OM Cover

Launch of UniTeller’s New Payment Service to Brazil

Oscar Moreno

SVP Business Development, UniTeller

UniTeller recently launched its new payment service to Brazil, in partnership with one of the country’s biggest payment processors, Pontual Money Transfer.

Having the largest payout network in Brazil, Pontual offers account deposit services for P2P, B2B, and B2C across 52 banks as well as cash pick-ups at Sicoon Crediara with 230 payment points.

As an industry leader, it’s important that UniTeller works closely with key stakeholders on the ground such as money transfer operators, banks, fintechs, international payers, and retailers in order to bring financial services to local communities.

Given the uptick in demand for digital payments in the past year, the launch of this payment service is in line with the increasing push by the Central Bank of Brazil towards touchless payments.

This shift towards digital banking would mean a real need for players like UniTeller to ensure that we have proven capabilities in digital payments and that local retailers and businesses have access to such payment solutions. Partnering with Pontual allows us to bring our innovative and cutting-edge payment solutions to more customers, achieving our goal of making financial services accessible to everyone.

Digital transactions will only continue to gain momentum and I believe that we should capitalize on this trend and focus our efforts towards improving existing payment infrastructures and channels for cashless transactions.