Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility

UniTeller shares the 4 pillars of Grupo Financiero Banorte, which keeps a constant dialogue with its diverse interest groups and works continuously to meet their daily needs and to improve their interactions.

Environmental Responsibility is the responsibility to act with awareness of the environment by conserving natural resources and by acting in ways that promote environmental awareness throughout society. We make careful use of our resources and maintain a culture of respect for our natural surroundings.

Equality and Governance is the responsibility to create working conditions with ethical standards that foster both personal and professional development both in and outside of the workplace. UniTeller fosters a harmonious workplace environment in which employees share company values and are encouraged to achieve their unique career goals.

Community Commitment is the responsibility to support the growth of our community and to interact with it, taking its interests into account along with those of the company. UniTeller is also committed to helping communities in need. Through these efforts, we support a range of organizations that dedicate themselves to addressing difficulties faced by under-served populations.

Value Chain is the responsibility to offer quality products and services and to encourage suppliers to adopt more sustainable practices. Under this pillar, UniTeller promotes our communities’ economic development. We do this through responsible management of clients’ financial resources and efficient channeling of credit, in addition to offering an array of financial products and making client service a priority.