| Digital Remittances as a Service: An Overview

Digital Remittances as a Service: An Overview

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Digital remittances are symbols of hope and prosperity. 

They are engines of economic growth, they reduce poverty, promote access to healthcare, increase personal savings rates, and boost school enrollment rates.

And the dominance of digital remittances has only just begun. In fact, the United Nations expects the remittance industry to exceed $8.5 trillion by 2030

The facts are in: digital remittances are here to stay, and grow. 

Nevertheless, many providers face major obstacles in reaching an ever-expanding audience. 

Regulatory roadblocks, licensing challenges, and compliance concerns have curtailed the true potential of digital remittances, despite the penetration of mobile wallets and growing financial inclusion.

That’s why digital remittances as a service are more vital than ever.

What Are Digital Remittances as a Service?

As remittances have surged, providers have been compelled to expand their product offerings.

In response to the growing demand, digital remittances as a service have become a fixture of the economic marketplace.

This has led to a proliferation of “white label” solutions, though the ubiquity of the term has somewhat diluted its meaning—what are they, exactly?

At UniTeller, we believe white label solutions constitute innovative remittance technology tailored to the unique needs of each provider.

In other words, when we use the term “white label”—or “digital remittances as a service”— we’re describing customized remittance apps

It all goes back to our founding philosophy. 

Whether we’re partnering with a retailer, a financial institution, a money transfer company, or a fintech firm, we always ask two fundamental questions:

  • Where can we provide the most value?
  • How can we enhance your franchise? 

Just as each client’s needs differ, true white label solutions must be adaptive. 

While UniTeller offers a dynamic, end-to-end turnkey API solution, we also provide a spectrum of specific and individually integrable products.

For example, one of our partners recently came to us with a fully developed user interface. While they had advanced technology in place, they needed to access a global distribution network in order to fulfill their maximum potential. 

The solution? We enabled them to leverage our global distribution network, thereby avoiding the inefficiency of investing their resources into building a new one.

As our clients frequently tell us, outsourcing to UniTeller promotes their total efficiency, profit, and peace of mind.

Some providers need the full menu of white label solutions. Others simply need one component.

At UniTeller, we can provide everything (and anything in-between). 

Digital Remittances: The Benefits for Businesses

The remittance landscape empowers businesses to create powerful new revenue streams. 

By partnering with UniTeller, you can gain instant access to a flexible, end-to-end remittance processing service that seamlessly moves funds across borders. 

Our platform is optimized for customization. 

Whether you need our turnkey solutions or niche API integrations, the UniTeller remittance platform provides a comprehensive payment experience that offers:

  • Global access: with an expansive payout network spanning 200,000+ paying locations in over 80 countries, you can establish a global presence.
  • Total convenience: rather than developing costly integrations of your own, UniTeller helps you save on resources and provide global remittance services with ease.
  • True customization: from turnkey solutions to white label integrations, UniTeller technology powers the platform while keeping your branding front and center.
  • Time-tested compliance: with UniTeller, you’ll never have to worry about the details. Our top-of-the-line class compliance and licensing platform has you covered 24/7.

UniTeller clients also gain access to best-in-class, multilingual customer service agents—available to you and your team every day of the week. 

How Does It Work?

At UniTeller, digital remittances as a service work in one way: however you need them to. 

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we fully customize and integrate our remittance platform to your business’ needs. 

If you want us to manage the development and integration, we can do that. Or, if you want to be involved with the development efforts, you’re more than welcome to. 

While we offer a range of White Label Solutions, the Complete UniTeller Experience has three defining hallmarks:

  • Seamless development and integration: we ensure our partners have no development and integration efforts on their side. In other words, we do all of the heavy lifting and handle all of the technical details—all of the time.
  • Maximum brand visibility: while we’re very proud of our platform, we want your company to get the credit for it. That’s why we always put our partner’s brand (and branding) in the forefront—to promote exposure and growth.
  • Worldwide leverage: as a UniTeller partner, you’ll be able to leverage our Money Transmitter Licenses in the U.S. and Mexico — with Europe and Canada in the pipeline.
    Plus, our compliance program and regulatory expertise ensure you’ll never have to worry about regulations, rules, and evolving fiscal environments. 

At UniTeller, we are wholeheartedly committed to your short-term needs and long-term success

Partnering With UniTeller 

When it comes to transferring money, international bill payments, and prepaid phone reloads, UniTeller maintains the highest standard of excellence.

As a fully-licensed money transmitter in the United States (and soon to be in Canada), UniTeller remains intensely committed to providing payment services with a transparent and flexible business model. 

Our professional team will provide in-depth training for you and your team, so you can see how the process works from start to finish. You’ll also gain access to our multilingual Customer Service department, available seven days a week.

It’s fast.
It’s reliable.
And it’s trusted by countless customers and business owners across the U.S.

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