Oscar Moreno 1

Oscar Moreno

Head of International & Business Development

Oscar, Head of International Business Development, is responsible for developing Cross Border and International Payments business opportunities globally. He captures new business opportunities, builds and maintains existing and potential strategic partnerships related to P2B and B2B International Payments worldwide, and nurtures trusted client relationships. Oscar develops and grows our new payment corridors, our overall paying network, and promotes Processing Remittance Services among remittance companies, financial and non-financial institutions, and corporate partners across the globe.

In his 26-year long career, he has been a part and an asset of UniTeller since 2007. One of his biggest milestones in UniTeller is being responsible for expanding UniTeller’s Payment Network to where it is today.

Oscar has been married since 1999 and is a proud father of two beautiful girls, Daniella and Isabella. When he’s not busy growing the UniTeller network or spending time with his family, you will probably find him partying until dawn.