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Normando Morgan

Head of Business & Operations

Head of Business & Operations, Normando Morgan, is responsible for the implementation of the services to ensure best practices with a primary goal and objective to build and sustain overall business growth. Normando is known for wearing many hats within the organization. Among those are managing business relations with corporate partners, implementation of technological and operational improvements that benefit our corporate customers, and more importantly, developing and driving business opportunities for UniTeller. In addition, Normando is accountable for ongoing management of our Internal Operations in order to help expand UniTeller’s capabilities and find new ways to provide added value to the organization. During his time at UniTeller, Normando has led numerous successful projects such as onboarding corporate partners from various industries across the globe that have a direct impact on the end customer user experience in positive ways.

Fun Facts about Normando:
Despite my strained vocal cords, I love to sing. And although my singing gives my two teenage, musician boys an ear sore, they’ve promised me an opportunity to sing in their band. Maybe someday I might take my chances at The Voice.