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Ivette Pardo

Head of Administration & HR

Ivette Pardo, oversees the most important component of a successful business, a productive thriving workforce. Ivette develops and implements organizational strategies and policies prioritizing employees as key human assets while assuring compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Ivette has been working for Uniteller for the last 9 years. “I’ve found my job to be incredibly challenging and rewarding. As a company with employees located in 3 different countries, we manage through multiple languages, cultures, and regulatory challenges.” says Ivette. Maintaining strong bonds with everyone in the Company is a must, and developing a diverse network of external HR professionals is another key to success.

Ivette ensures that UniTeller adapts to new and upcoming technology to increase efficiency and communication across all our locations. Expense approval automation and HR communication and management tools are among the few tools that have been implemented to ensure our executives and employees are communicate efficiently and focus on creating value for our business.

“I am really happy with the achievements and growth within the company and I thank my Uniteller team being an integral part of this journey.”

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” –