About UniTeller

We are an international money transfer processing company based in the United States. We are part of Grupo Financiero Banorte and we carry a network of more than 140,000 paying locations worldwide.


UniTeller was founded thanks to the effort of a group of investors seeking to offer an excellent money remittance service to Latin America. UniTeller is known as one of the most affordable and secure licensed money transmitter companies connecting Latin Americans living in the U.S. with their families abroad.


In the year 2000, UniTeller introduced to the market the patented system of the “UniTeller money transfers card” which streamlined the process of money transfers making it faster, easier and more secure than any other in the industry.


In order to introduce its services into the growing and attractive Philippine market, UniTeller opened UniTeller Filipino in Manila. Ever since, UniTeller has been one of the most important money transfer companies for the Philippines.


Grupo Financiero Banorte, one of the largest Financial Groups in Latin America and the third largest in Mexico, acquired UniTeller aiming to strengthen and integrate its money remittance capabilities with major networks in Latin America.


UniTeller successfully began its Wholesale Remittance Business. Today, it has become a leader in the industry for Remittance Processing Services.


In response to the fast evolving market and new technology trends, UniTeller opened its Digital Remittance Service.

Our Mission

To provide quality financial services that act as a bridge between immigrants and their families in their home countries. We always strive to maintain the highest standards of service, honesty, respect, and corporate responsibility.

Our Vision

UniTeller envisions itself as the most important provider of remittance processing services for traditional and digital channels.

Our Values

Uniteller’s foundation is built on our core values. These values represent standards of conduct that guide our actions and reflect our commitment to our employees, clients, agents, and to the communities in which we operate.

Innovation We will encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees and support positive changes.

Integrity We will conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards, honesty, and willingness to fulfill our commitments.

Team Work We will work together in an effective manner, actively sharing our knowledge and resources throughout the world.

People We are committed to promoting the development of our team and rewarding their performance appropriately.

Excellence We will always seek to achieve more, not only as a team but also as individuals.